What is a Sugar Babe?

Young, attractive and classy women. They want the good things in life and looking for a real man who can provide this. These women devote their time and energy to their Sugar Daddy and want to be spoiled.

Why should a Sugar Babe look for a Western European Sugar Daddy?

There are multiple reasons why a Sugar Babe should look for a Sugar Daddy from Western Europe.
Sugar Daddies from Western Europe are very sophisticated and know how to treat a lady. They are very comfortable with women and that is why he will treat you with respect. They also have great manners and do nott play games. Of course they know very well how to spoil you and make you feel like a princess. Western European men are very generous and love to share it with the people around them. They are looking for a Sugar Babe who will treat him like a king. Devote your time and energy to your Sugar Daddy and you will be spoiled.

What is a Sugar Daddy?

Mature, rich, generous and successful men. No time for games, they know what they want in life. Looking for women who they can pamper and spoil, women who will appreciate him and who will treat him like a king.

Why should a Sugar Daddy look for an Eastern European Sugar Babe?

First of all: Eastern European women know how to please their man. If you know how to treat her, she will take care of you very much too. They show much more patience and tolerance. They are more feminine: not afraid of high heels or a skirt with cold weather. Intelligent, sophisticated and they know their languages. Besides that Eastern European women are very classy, beautiful and more interested in men from other cultures and countries. They need a man who is successful, strong and able to spoil them.

Who are our members?

At, you will find only members with common interest and common mindset. Our members know what they want and how they want it. We provide our members the possibility to show exactly what they are looking for in an arrangement: who you will meet is up to you. But you can make sure that you will find successful, beautiful and classy people who are on the same level. You will most definitely find yourself a quality arrangement.

Why provides a platform you can trust and is Amsterdam based. We are specialized in connecting Western and Eastern European members for a quality arrangement. We provide a complete transparent platform to find the perfect arrangement. Within members can explicitly describe what they are looking for in order to find the arrangement they desire. We strive to provide a continually growing network of people who are looking for a quality arrangement. There are thousands of like-minded people looking for you on We make sure we find the person most suitable for you.

Our Mission provides a new way of forming arrangements. Both Sugar Babes and Sugar Daddies get what they want and how they want it. We make sure you will find the person most suitable for you. We provide only quality arrangements of common interest and mindset.

Quality arrangements

A quality arrangement is based on common interest and mindset. offers members to describe and define in detail what they desire within an arrangement. Direct and without wasting time. Our members are all on the same level and looking for like-minded people like you.

The Sugar lifestyle

The Sugar Lifestyle is all about the right balance between give and take. Before entering an arrangement mindset and interests are already set. No disappointments or false pretenses. Both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babes understand the rules of the game and strive for quality.

No more traditional relationships

These relationships often do not work out because of false interpretations and an imbalance between give and take. Like business agreements romantic relationships also work best if two people are on the same level. Clear of what they expect and what to give and receive from one another within a quality arrangement.
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